The day I changed

About Connieay

If I were a bird, I would be an albatross, a bird with stamina, persistence and the ability to go far and high. I value long-term relationships but am perfectly happy being independent and can endure solitude if necessary.
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6 Responses to The day I changed

  1. olibeddall says:

    What happened?! (^ー゜)

  2. Alan Wu says:

    I am looking forward to your change! You said you worked for the genetic studies in your introduction. Are you going to work for the research again?
    Best regards, Alan

  3. Connieay says:

    Interesting. I met James Watson once at CSH when I was interviewing there for their PhD programme but I thought he was rambling on a bit. I finally decided not to go there because the thought of spending my entire life there days on end in the campus put me off a bit. The truth was I wasn’t dedicated enough. How my life would have changed if I had gone there… Funny how things go, he was at Clare when he discovered DNA with Crick. I think people from Clare are a bit different. Sometimes we take the uneasy and windy path. As always, the journey is the most important part.

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